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D. B. ENTERPRISES has grown to meet the increasing demand for its services over the years, by diversifying and adapting to industry trends and progressive technology.

In fact, as technological pioneers, we have always been in the forefront of the advancement and evolution of industry standards.

D. B. ENTERPRISES has seen some important changes recently especially over the last three years and whilst still providing a need for general electrical installation and maintenance, we are fast becoming more widely known for our involvement in the advances of technology within the automation industry for control panel systems.
We have a stringent and standardized health and safety policy well in place that governs all our functioning at every step. At all our establishments, only qualified and authorized individuals are permitted to perform electrical work for the best results.

A qualified person is one who has the required skills and knowledge to perform electrical work safely. Such individuals must be aware of the hazards, associated problems with electrical related work and also the method for reducing electrical accidents that can result from unsafe equipment, adverse environmental conditions, and unsafe acts.
Whenever possible, all circuits or equipment shall be de-energized before beginning any work.

Only authorized skilled workers shall perform electrical work on energized circuits and it is mandatory that these workers shall use:
Proper design, fabrication, installation, and documentation techniques.
Proper operational and maintenance procedures.
Electrical equipment approved by nationally recognized testing laboratory.
Proper personal protective equipment used during the execution.

In case of any pre-identified hazards our workers will report to their seniors and they will:

Anticipate potential electrical problems and hazards.
Do not rush to finish a job; never bypass approved procedures.
Plan and analyze for safety during each step of any electrical work.
Keep accurate records (e.g. Panel drawings & other documents).
Have significant safety-related work.
Uses properly rated test equipment and verify its condition and operation before and after use.
Know applicable emergency procedures.
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